We believe in focusing on one thing and doing it well. We are a small group of elite test-prep instructors, school subject teachers, and college admissions consultants with one mission in mind: delivering results. My core team and I have worked ardently for more than 12 years to help students maximize their potential and help them make their way to the colleges and graduate schools of their dreams. Today, as a team, we bring more than 100 years of combined experience and have, so far, taught more than 25,000 students (in live sessions), counseled more than 1,000 students, and reached out to more than 1,000,000 online students to help them reach their academic goals.

Our mission does not stop there. We believe that academies must stand for something and offer an array of solutions to meet today's competitive study environment. Our Socratic method of teaching can equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle even the most challenging questions, not by the process of elimination but by fundamentally dissecting the problems at hand and confidently answering without guessing. We call this process the XO Strategies: finding self-reliant ways to go from WRONG to RIGHT. 

We have designed our services to challenge those who aspire to excel in their specific fields of study, those who want to revamp their bad study habits, and those who wish to raise their academic standards. Again, we are not your traditional academy. We stand for something, we push our students to their limits, and most importantly, we do everything in our power to help deliver results.

So, join us if you are ready for a challenge; join us if you want to change. Together, we can challenge the norms, raise the bar, and make necessary changes to make you a better student, a better test taker, and an irresistible candidate to colleges.

Admissions Consulting


Our elite team of college admissions consultants can help you shine among tens of thousands of candidates applying to top colleges in the nation. Our consulting department comprises five different specialists:

NOTE: Due to the high demand and the exclusivity of the program, our consulting program is open to our former or current Ryan Prep students and their families ONLY. Referred students & families will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

CORE: English Fundamentals

We offer step-by-step, English fundamentals classes for both middle school and high school students. We cover an array of topics, ranging from essay writing to analytical reading comprehension. We also cover advanced vocabulary, grammar mastery, and study skills. CORE classes range from levels I to III. 

SAT/ACT Test Prep

We offer LIVE sessions in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California.

Unlimited Pass: Take classes until you get the score you want! We offer weekly LIVE lectures (by level), simulated tests, and CORE fundamentals sessions. We also provide Annual, Seasonal, and Monthly Passes with more significant benefits.



AP Subject Review

We provide an array of AP subject reviews taught by highly specialized instructors.  We make sure that class sizes are kept below five (5) students per class and that all instructors have at least five (5) years of teaching experience in their subject matter. NOTE: we offer limited subjects in an effort to control our quality. Please call us for more information as our offerings can change from one academic year to another.  

Extracurricular Projects

We believe that there is a lot more in life than just academics. Our holistic approach to college/graduate admissions allows us to provide guidance/mentorship programs with an emphasis on extracurricular activities, often with a greater focus on vocational training and/or charitable endeavors. We ask that our consulting students participate in one or more of these projects to gain an edge when applying to colleges/graduate schools.  

After-School Study Labs 

We offer English, math, and test-prep study labs during weekdays to assist students with school work and/or provide them with the resources needed to complete their tasks. Our goal is to allow students to study in an environment where they can explore with the assistance of professional tutors and subject experts.